saladLike every other wild woman I know, I struggle with the juggle… career, education, family, exercise, social life, church, cooking/eating healthfully, etc.  Some days it all falls apart.  But I find that when I plan ahead, like making a menu to prepare my meals (and tracking carbs, fats, proteins, calories, water, etc.), pack my lunch the night before, I do eat better and I feel better, both physically and emotionally because I feel more organized.  Yes, it takes a little more time on the front end, but the rewards are well worth the effort.

Plus, I save money because I buy what I need at the market (I’m known to grab a little of everything), and I don’t find myself eating out – a huge savings.  If you spend $5 a day for lunch 5 days a week for four weeks a month, that’s $100 a month, or $1,200 a year!!!  Imagine what you could do with an additional $100 in your pocket at the end of the month!

Today I’d like to encourage you to plan your meals for the week.  And to start you off, here is a picture and corresponding recipe/nutritional info on what you could do for lunch.  It’s one of my faves, is honestly delish, very filling and satisfying.  So exercise your planning/shopping/prepping muscles and make yourself and those you love some uber-delish meals… and with the time saved scrambling treat yourself to a soak in a bubble bath!!!

Linda’s Leftover Roasted Chicken Salad

(serves 1)

2 cups Arugula (you could also use spinach or any dark leaf greens)

1 small tomato

¼ cup sliced radishes

2 oz chicken (meat only, no skin) – I used leftovers from a rotisserie

½ canned pineapple (drain off syrup and rinse)

Salad dressing – 2 tablespoons fig and pear balsamic vinegar with 1 tablespoon flaxseed oil

Calories:  294

Fats:  15.1

Fiber:  2.9

Carbs: 31.8

Sodium: 386.3

Protein: 15.4