Isn’t it time you bagged up all that emotional baggage…

and trashed it for good?

I am so pleased today to add this book to my recommendations for summer reading.  Taking Out Your Emotional Trash is written by my friend and mentor Georgia Shaffer.  I first met Georgia years ago when she was a keynote speaker at a women’s retreat I attended at the Sandy Cove Conference Center in Maryland, and later had the privilege of working with her as my own life coach (yes, life coaches have life coaches)! Additionally, as I studied for my own degree in psychology and life coaching, Georgia was one of my online professors at Liberty University.  So it is with a full heart of love, pride and confidence that I say to you READ THIS BOOK!  (Subtle, huh?)  

We all carry lots of baggage, and for many of us it has begun to crowd and litter the landscapes of our personal well-being and affect how we do relationships and life.  In her clear-cut style, Georgia provides us with a step-by-step plan to declutter, discard, recycle, forgive and take all that trash out of our lives.  It’s a very interactive book, so you might even want to grab a fresh journal and pen as you work through it alone, or perhaps with a few friends as a summer study.  In fact, I got so much out of this book the first time around, I’m going to add it to my own list to re-read this summer.  Just can’t get enough of Georgia – she is such a blessing to so many, and I do hope you will get Taking Out Your Emotional Trash.  Just CLICK HERE. (Georgia’s website is

It’s time to take out the garbage once and for all, isn’t it?