As robinI was rushing around getting ready to leave the house this morning, my eye caught something moving in the garden that was visible through my bathroom window. Thankfully, it didn’t cause me to poke out my eye with the mascara wand (count your blessings)! I peered out the window to see a bold and hearty robin running through the black mulch, red body blazing in the glimmer of early sunlight. He was scurrying along faster than a sandpiper, as if he were on a mission where every second counted. I had to smile as I immediately felt a kinship to his driven pace.

This unexpected life lesson brought back to my own “at-the-speed-of-sound” velocity. Even though I’d been getting better at waking up earlier to have more time/less rush at the beginning of each day, my body hadn’t seemed to cooperate and there I was, muscle memory intact, going far more quickly than was necessary. I fetched my cup of tea, sat down and forced myself to “be”… to write in my gratitude/blessing journal, read my Bible, thank God for all He has given me, pray, and then just sit in silence for a few moments before grabbing my belongings and going out the door.

It set the pace for my day. I have been a wee bit more mindful, intentional and deliberate. I’ve remembered to breathe… which has been a very good thing.

Take 15 minutes (your #nuture900) to sit down today and just “be”. It’s such a blessing and can be day-changing.