Onebath bomb of the most common problems we encounter health-wise during the winter months is respiratory issues, especially sinus infections and colds!  Being in the Pilates studio, I am constantly working “hands-on” with clients, and any gym is crawling with germs! Whether you are a stay-at-home Mommy with little kiddles with runny noses, to the office where who-knows-what abound in closed building ventilation, to the grocery store, etc., you are going to be exposed to those germs any and everywhere.  Short of wearing a mask and gloves 24/7, what’s a gal to do?

I have used essentials oils for over a quarter of a century now, from back in my hippie-dippie days to today, and I truly value their healing properties.  As someone who had major problems with over-the-counter products and didn’t like taking prescription drugs, it was crucial to my health to find alternative methods for health and natural healing.  And why wouldn’t I want to incorporate natural essential oils in my toolbox, used since biblical times and before, instead of arbitrarily popping some pill with a list of potential side effects longer than my arm??? While I make no medical claims to miraculous healings, nor am I a medical professional, I have personally been helped by these oils and seen others benefit from them for as long as I’ve been using them.  That’s why I am a Doterra Wellness Advocate, Doterra is a leading essential oils company that carries state-of-the-art premium therapeutic grade oils.

on guard  breatheTwo of my favorite oil blends for this time of year are Doterra’s “On Guard” for immune support (a beautiful warm and spicy blend), and “Breathe”, a blend that helps with congestion and aids in opening up the head and sinuses.  One of the ways I use Breathe is to create homemade bath bombs (instructions in this link:  Instead of using them in a bath, I place one in the tub as I shower, and the steam from the hot water diffuses the oils and creates a healthy steam that opens my head and sinuses every time.  If you would like to try either of these oils, go here:  You can also check out the whole product line by going to my Products page and clicking on the link for DoTerra oils.

I hope you will consider adding these natural methods to your medical toolbox.  While I do believe there are certainly times one must choose a prescription/doctor-recommended medication, I always prefer exploring all my options first. Of course, always check with your doctor when experiencing any kind of medical issue. I simply would like to offer you something that has worked for me, my family, friends and colleagues for years!  Have a blessed and beautiful day!