Okay, before you start throwing sand-covered snowballs at me…

This post is about FINANCES!  Remember last week we talked about procrastination?  Well, I am challenging you to start planning and saving today towards your holiday spending.  I’m not asking you to start decorating or making purchases (we may touch on the idea of this in a minute, though). It’s more about planning and budgeting.

First, I do want you to think about how much money you would like to have by, say, October 25th, three months from today, to spend on all your holiday gift-giving, decorating, food for meals, etc.  All of it.  Let’s say you want to put aside $500.  That would be about $167 each month the next three months.  If you are thinking bigger, maybe $1000 by October 25th, that would bed $334 each month.  But I’m going to encourage you to go with the more frugal choice of $500.  Figuring on 13 weeks, that would be roughly $38.50 a week, or $5.50 a day. Doesn’t sound like all that much, does it?  Maybe a simple lunch, or one fancy-schmancy designer coffee?

Five dollars and fifty cents a day consistently for the next ninety-one days.

How fantastically frugally and financially creative can you be to plant seeds of savings each day into your garden of holiday joy so that, on October 25th your will harvest a fruitful bounty of $500?  Imagine, having enough money to get everything on your list, so that you will not even have to worry about one little penny?  Think of the stress you will avoid!  How much nicer will your holidays be knowing you will have zero – nada – zippo – NO BILLS to pay!  No credit card debit accumulated that will haunt you (like Scrooge’s ghost of Christmas past) into the wee months of 2018???  You really can accomplish this will a practically painless bit of planning, cutting corners and budgeting.

Again, list out all your potential purchases for the holidays, from gifts to garland to goodies on the table.  Take your total, divide it by 13 weeks, and you will get your weekly budget.  Divide it by 7 to get your daily savings goal.  Baby steps, big savings!  Now that’s something to ho-ho-o about (okay, NOW you can hit me with a sand-covered snowball)!  We will revisit this topic on August 25th and September 25th to see how you are doing!

What ideas and tips can you share in the comments that will help all our readers set aside $5.50 a day?