Ever had a hard time figuring out what to wear first thing in the morning?

You wake up, look in your closet, and sigh the same morning mantra – “I have nothing to wear!” then scramble to pull something together as the clock ticks later and your stress level climbs… and you’re not even out the door yet!  Sound familiar?

Here’s a few tips on how to minimize this problem with just a bit of planning and a snap of your camera.

First, carve out about an hour on your calendar for some quality time with just you, your clothes and your closet. Pull together about 5-7 of your favorite outfits and hang them together on the back of your door or lay them out on your bed.  Be sure to include jewelry, accessories and shoes – the whole ensemble!  Take a picture of each outfit.  Now, maybe mix and match a bit, taking some shots of various scarfs, accent pieces, single items, and take photos of those as well.  Print these out and keep them either in a binder, or even on the wall of your closet.  It’s a no-brainer for those mornings when you are still half-asleep and need to look your best.

To take that one step further, lay out your outfit the night before.  Have a special spot in your closet just for that one outfit you will be wearing tomorrow.  Hang everything up there — from your undergarments to the outfit to the jewelry and accessories — even put your shoes on the floor under the outfit.   Tomorrow morning, you will practically be able to jump out of bed and into that fabulous look you coordinated – Wonder Woman’s got nothing on you!  What a timesaver – because we all know every minute counts in those crucial morning moments.  And who wouldn’t love some early morning breathing room to sit quietly with your coffee before you begin your day?

If you have kids, you can still do the same thing — if they are old enough, have them get their clothes ready the night before, and their bags for the next morning.  I know, it’s a pipe dream, but hey it could happen!  

Because I do a lot of travelling, I generally tend to spend my clothing planning one the weekends (coordinating with my laundry time), and I often coordinate my outfits for a full week at a time.  Now I will tell you, I have kind of adopted a color theme that helps tremendously — I go with basic black, gray and white, adding color splashes with accessories.  It’s a bit of a uniform, but it saves me so much stress, and even money because when I’m out shopping, I think twice before any purchase to ensure it works with the pieces I already own.  Trust me, I love colors, but in an effort to simplify my life I save my more colorful coordinates for the weekends  While this isn’t a hard and fast rule, it’s one of my tools for a less cluttered closet, morning and life!  

Helping you carve out time for dreaming, planning and reaching your heart’s goals, even through things like making mornings just a wee bit smoother, is just one of the many ways I help coach my clients through life!  (And if you’d like a free discovery session with me, just comment below or drop me a line at [email protected]!)

I’ll be you can already “picture” what you’ll wear tomorrow, right?