linalool top 5 essential oils for itAs I was doing some scientific research recently on essential oils and their properties, I came across an article on the doTERRA science blog noting the top five essential oils for Linalool.  Great news!  Ummmm… what is Linalool???  Well, glad you asked!  Linalool (according to Wikipedia) is “is a naturally occurring terpene alcohol chemical found in many flowers and spice plants with many commercial applications, the majority of which are based on its pleasant scent (floral, with a touch of spiciness).”  It is found in over 200 plant species, and studies have suggested it has calming properties.  Moreover, along with beta-pinene, Linalool has been found to reduce sadness and anxious feelings.  doTERRA Lavender Oil Bottle

One of the top five essential oils listed is Lavender – one of my favorite essential oils!  I love adding lavender to my diffuser, a few drops in my bath water, and simply putting a drop in my palm, rubbing my hands together, and cupping them up to my nose to allow the fragrance and healing properties to calm and settle me.  I’ve even made lavender tea or cool lavender water by adding a drop of Lavender essential oil to the water.  Such a simple way to relax, re-center and renew.  A micro-vacation in a bottle!

So as you practice stress management techniques or simply strive to create a peaceful living or office space, why not add the use of Lavender to uplift your mood, ease muscle tension and enhance your environment naturally?  Here’s how:

Here’s a great video with more information: