sleepOkay, who has slept through their iPhone alarm?  Anyone?  Anyone?  Yep, I’m seeing a LOT of hands out there!  I’m waving mine as well, because there have been more than a few times that I’ve forgotten to adjust the volume on my iPhone after listening to music or a podcast before bed, and wound up sleeping right through the softer ring tone.  But I just read a great tip that I’ve already instituted that I thought was more than share-worthy with my tribe here!

The folks over at “Here’s the Thing Blog” gave out a great free tip today that will help all of us never oversleep due to a forgotten adjusted ring tone.  Click on the link below and they tell you how to adjust your sounds so that the alarm isn’t affected by your adjusting the volume for other things.  It’s so simple, but works like a charm.  Gotta love it!  Now if only they could help me find a way to set my iPhone alarm so it would wake me up with a cup of tea!  Oh well, technology keeps moving so you never know!!!  Have a blessed and beautiful day!