Are you

Are you listening to your body?

Because we are so busy and juggle so many things in any given day, women are experts at listening to everything/everyone else and neglecting ourselves. Can I can a big AMEN on that one? Yup! From scheduling time for ourselves (aka self-care), to eating right to sleep, we just ignore the signals our body keeps sending out and push on and on.Today I’m going to address neglecting our sleep. Either we neglect it and sacrifice it, or when we finally get to bed we can’t turn off our brains to get to sleep, or we wake up in the middle of the night, brains still whirring and can’t get back to sleep. Unlike the flowers that gently fold their petals as the sun goes down to rest their beautiful heads, we lie with eyes wide open staring at the ceiling, contemplating everything from how can we be responsible for world peace to what will I make for lunch tomorrow.

Personally, I tend to get what I call the “Sunday Night Sleep Factor”, where I inevitably find myself annoyingly awake at 2am on Sunday into Monday, and just as I finally drift off to sleep, I am jolted out of bed by the screaming of the alarm clock welcoming me to a new morning. Is it any wonder Mondays have such a bad reputation?!?!? There I am on the floor with a major case of bed head, wondering where I am, what day is it, where the night went and how can I get back into bed and squeeze in just a few more precious minutes of the illusive butterfly of sleep??? (Ah, maybe that’s why that drug company uses a butterfly for their sleep aid ads.) Truly, today’s women suffer from the sleep poverty.

Girlfriend, you have GOT to listen up and take immediate action!

Here’s what I did, just last night.  I had finished up a busy day, having taught a rocking TRX group fitness class that afternoon which made me feel wonderful at the time.  But no sooner did the door close behind me as I arrived home later that evening, I had “Walk Into the Wall” syndrome, where I am in the middle of walking across the room and suddenly I feel as if I’ve slammed into some invisible wall that knocked every molecule of energy from my tired little body. Generally when this happens, just like you, I ignore it and grab a cup of two-bag, strong black tea and just…keep…plodding…along dragging my three-foot to-do list behind me.


I stopped. Dead in my tracks. I scrutinized that to-do list. I admitted that nothing there HAD to be done by midnight. Nope – I wouldn’t turn into a pumpkin, and the world as we know it wouldn’t end. I dragged my weary booty upstairs, changed into my favorite pair of soft jammies, washed up, and climbed into the amazing sanctuary that was is my bed.  Yes I did – I snuggled down into my favorite blanket and was fast asleep by 8 o’clock, and didn’t get up until 5am this morning!!!  I confess, that is why this post (which I was going to write last night) is coming to you Tuesday! And today? I feel like a new woman. I really feel soooooo much better. I couldn’t help but think of the Scripture verse in Jeremiah 31:26: “At this I awoke and looked, and my sleep was pleasant to me.” LOL!

So that’s it, friends, one simple little remedy, as inexpensive and holistic as this life, health and wellness coach can present to you today. While I realize this isn’t always possible, please, please – the next time you are able, instead of plowing through when your body is crying out, just say no to the demands and nurture yourself with the basic necessity of a good night’s sleep.

What can you do to get to bed at a reasonable hour tonight?