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Okay, sometimes I’m slow on the latest tech info…

but I just discovered (don’t laugh) that I can set my Kindle app on my iPhone to read to me (just like my Kindle Fire)! I am so psyched, because I constantly listen to podcasts and “read” books when I’m in the car, doing chores, cleaning, working out at the gym, walking, etc. And I’m entirely guilty of buying books on my Kindle (not audible books, just books) and then not reading them. I forget about them! Anybody else guilty of this?
Anyway, I’m putting together my “must read” books for 2018, trying to be frugal and read what I’ve already purchased (I’m such a book lover and have been known to ignore my budget if there is a book I see and want). To that end, being able to “read” these books in my ever-growing Kindle library by listening to them on my iPhone will enable me to get through so many more in the coming year!  As we discussed in yesterday’s blog, as we seek to detox/eliminate things and habits, cutting back on TV overload or surfing social media can be replaced by self-education through reading.  Another reason I enjoy listening/reading books is that, if I’m stuck in traffic, I feel less victimized because I’m doing something productive.  Did you know in 2016 Americans spent an average of 17,600 minutes driving – that’s over 290 hours — the approximate equivalent of a university semester!*  Holy moley! 
Imagine how much knowledge we can pour into our brain by listening/reading while commuting?
So here it is, the directions on how to set up your iPhone Kindle to read text out loud.  Thanks to Reagan Rose from the blog “The Pastor’s Week” for the thorough explanation.  Join us over at Facebook to tell us which will be your very first book you will read using this method?  Guess which one I’m listening to now?