livescribeHow would you like to help any student learn in their preferred learning style, ease their anxiety about taking notes, and provide a way to study easier?

Okay, it’s back to school season and in the last week alone I have told any number of clients about the Livescribe smart pen.  First let me tell you that while the link I have here is an Amazon affiliate link, I am not an ambassador for LIvescribe and am receiving no compensation for writing about this awesome product.  I am singing their praises because if it wasn’t for my Livescribe pen and notepads, I know I would haven’t made it through college — ESPECIALLY anatomy and algebra!!!  (Okay, my friend Lynn Rowlands aka my “Algebra Angel” had a lot to do with getting me through algebra as well).  But… I digress… The main things is, I want to share how this pen helped me!

If you are a student or are the parent of a high school or college student — YOU NEED THIS PEN!!!! This is an investment you will seriously want to make in anyone’s educational career.  Basically the Livescribe pen not only manually takes notes on a pad like any pen/paper, it has a microphone so you also record your class, lecture, seminar, meeting, etc.  Then, you can use it on your laptop or mobile app to organize, tag, play back audio and send/shapen2re these notes to any device you use.  You can search your handwritten notes and convert them into digital text.  You can even sync up to your mobile phone so you can listen to your notes by phone.  On top of this right now they are offering a free one-year subscription to Evernote Premium — I use Evernote to organize my life and have done so for years!

When I used this pen in my classes, I just started it up, wrote down all my notes in the Lifescribe notepads (you do need to use these in order for it to work), and then I had 24/7/365 access not only to my notes, but also to the audio voice of my professor.  Can I tell you how many (what felt like) gazillion hours I played and replayed my notes until I practically had every class and lecture memorized?  Yes – I used the audio notes to help me memorize information, and it was priceless for reviewing tests and exams!!!  Then I loaded the notes up to Evernote, and I was able to read them on my phone, my tablet and my laptop – instant access anywhere, anytime.  What a blessing!  Plus, it so helped alleviate soooooo much of my note-taking anxiety — I didn’t have to worry at all about missing a professor’s words (because let’s face it, sometimes you drift off into daydreaming land or, if you are a busy working Mom, you’re trying to juggle the classroom while thinking about the family and chores and a dozen other things you need to do).

You can’t always count on a teacher giving out notes afterwards, so you must depend on your own accurate, complete notes and this tool was my lifesaver!  I could draw pictures and write out mathmatical equations — any way I could remember the lesson.  It helps you hit the major learning modalities — you are seeing the notes as you write and during playback, you are hearing the notes during playback, and you are touching the pen to paper manually.  So no matter your learning style, this covers it!

But it doesn’t end there (I sound like I’m about to offer a set of free steak knives, don’t I???)  Even if you aren’t an official student, this pen is still perfect to use in any kind of meeting or lecture you attend.  I’ve used it to record notes when I’m meeting with a new client (with their knowledge and permissiopen3n, of course).  I’ve even used it to take notes on a sermon while I’ve been in church.  The possibilities are endless.

So… as I said, I’m not a spokesperson for the Lifescribe pen or notepads.  I just love this product and wouldn’t be without it, nor would I send any student off to high school or college without it.  Whether you are a student, a business person, or someone who just takes notes, it’s a tool as critical, in my opinion, as a laptop, backpack and books.  Click above on the highlighted words, or here:

PEN             NOTEPADS  

Happy note-taking!


Photo credit:  Amazon