tomato-999110_640In my last blog post  (click HERE if you missed it) I wrote about morning glory seeds, their care and how you can create flourishing blooms by carefully preparing the seeds… just like we must carefully prepare to accomplish our goals, plans and dreams.  Today I’d like to take that a little deeper into how you can plant “seeds of exercise” into each day, strategically sowing purposeful exercise that will produce a targeted harvest of health for you.  And since I’m from New Jersey,  thereby an official “Jersey Tomato born and bred”, my pictures are of tomato plants!  What do you expect from a gal from the “Garden State”?

When I’m coaching/training my clients I like to give them a few movements to take away, because I know our lives are all crazy busy and it’s hard to find a full hour to devote to yourself – as much as you deserve it!  But… most everyone can find a few minutes in their day, and I want to empower them by offering them “takeaway tools” — exercises that can be done anyplace, anytime in just a few minutes.  Now understand, I’m not offering loopholes to get out of a regular workout or excuses not to exercise.  You want to schedule serious workouts on your calendar and keep those appointments with yourself sacred and untouchable.  But let’s face it – there will be times when kids demand your schedule, work requires overtime, or you simply cannot get up early on a given morning.  Life happens.  The key here is that, if you can manage a few exercises planted here and there in your day, you are going to feel better both mentally and physically.  You will feel accomplished, successful and more confident because you choose to do something rather than give up and do nothing.   That said, here you go, here are seven sneaky seeds to plant tomorrow!

1)         Run in place for 3 minutes.

2)         Walk for 5, 10, 15 or more minutes at lunchtime or whenever you can fit it in.  Remember, 10 minutes walking is still better than 10 minutes sitting.

3)         While washing up in the bathroom after a visit, do 10 push-ups against the sink.  If you visit the bathroom five times a day, that’s a full 50 push-ups!

4)         Along the same line, do standing wall pushups against any wall, anytime (even the bathroom stall).

5)         From a sitting positing, stand up slowing to a standing position from your chair.  Then sit down again and the minute your tushie touches down, stand up again.  Do that 10 times.  You’ve now accomplished ten squats.

6)         If you are in an office building, use the stairs instead of the elevator.  If multiple stairs levels are too much, take the elevator to the floor just below your stop, and walk up one flight… just one.  The next time shoot for two, and so on.

7)         When sitting at a red light, engage your core and glutes (in other words, tighten up your tummy muscles and clench your tushie tight).  At the same time, hold the steering wheel with hands at 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock with your elbows up and pointing towards each car door (not dropped down by your sides pointing to the seat), and press your palms into the wheel.  Now you’re doing a full-upper body strength move!  Do it 2-3 times… and of course, if it’s a red light, you just might be completely toned and buff by the time you get to work!  Okay, only joking, but wouldn’t that be great?!?!?!

tomato-bunch711827_640How easy is that?  Seriously, commit to doing the “Sneaky 7” daily.  It’s workable into most every schedule, fun and will produce results.  You can do it, one exercise, one day at a time.  And remember, if you enjoy this post, please be sure to share it with your friends.  Be blessed!