Today’s blog is about an old favorite — CABBAGE SOUP FOR THE SOUL!

As we think of staying safe and healthy in the winter this week, one of the things I think about is how to stay warm after being outside shoveling snow or playing with the kids making snowpeople.  You may have worked up quite an appetite, and when you’re cold it’s hard to think about taking a lot of time to make something nutritious and satisfying.  So plan on making this ahead of time so all you have to do is warm it up!

Now… I’m not saying this is going to burn fat or not.  It’s about 100 calories a serving (and this recipe makes about 12 servings).  But what I am saying is that it is a very delicious soup that will certainly warm your tummy without adding a lot of high-cal, high-fat creams, etc.

It’s a great winter soup, for any soup-lover who craves delicious, healthy “love in a bowl” whenever she’s cold.

So YES, soup for you!  Cozy down with a big bowl and tell me, what’s your favorite soup?


INGREDIENTS: (organic whenever possible, please)

5 chopped carrots

3 chopped yellow onions

32 oz. can of whole peeled tomatoes with liquid

1 large head of cabbage

1 package (1 oz) of onion soup mix

2 quarts tomato juice

2 diced bell peppers, 1 green and 1 yellow (both green okay)

2 cups freshly diced green beans (or 1 15 oz. bag of frozen)

12 stalks chopped celery (include leaves finely chopped)

1 14-oz can of beef, chicken or veggie broth (your choice)

1 teaspoon tumeric

1/4 teaspoon red pepper flakes

Freshly ground black pepper and sea salt to taste


Add all the ingredients into your favorite large soup pot.  Be sure the liquid covers everything.  Simmer until everything tender and serve – yummy!  Freezes well, and will keep in frig for about two days if left unfrozen. Bon appetit!