Do you have time to cook a healthy breakfast each morning?  Me either!

So here’s a quick and simple solution (don’t you love those???)!  So many of us are investing in an Instant Pot 7-in-one cooker (definitely NOT your grandmother’s pressure cooker), so why not use it for breakfast?  Take one cup of steel oats (I love to use Bob’s Red Mill gluten-free steel cut oats, but you can use your favorite steel cut oats).  Take 3 cups of water and add both to your Instant Pot.  Close it up, set it for three minutes, then turn off when the oats are done cooking.  

Really… set everything up the night before, then when you get up, just put the water/oats in, turn it on, and go get ready for your day.  Your oats will be cooked before your coffee finishes brewing!

Now let’s stir things up a bit.  Literally, stir it, since you mind find a little extra water slushing around, but don’t worry it will get soaked up in the cooling process.  Here’s where it gets fun – you can add all your favorite “toppings” right then and there, or serve it up individually and let your family add their own.  Cut up your favorite fruits and mix in spices to taste (cinnamon is healthy and oh-so-tasty, as is a teensy splash of organic vanilla – #yummy)!  

For a weekend treat (especially as we get closer to Autumn and cooler weather), make an oatmeal parfait, layering oatmeal, plain yogurt (or spiced pureed pumpkin), raisins and walnuts, topped with chopped apples.  How is that for quick, nutritious and altogther FAST AND FUN?

What is your favorite mix-in for a steamy, warm
and comforting bowl of morning oats?