This week we are going to be offering you some tips to stay warm, safe and healthy over the winter season!

Today let’s address a very common danger of cold weather – frostbite.  Did you know exposed skin can become frostbitten in 30 seconds? Faster than it takes to catch some snowflakes on your tongue!  Before you know it, your skin has been damaged.  Because your skin may be numb, you may not even realize it.

The Mayo Clinic offers a host of information on recognizing frostbite, and treatment here:

So be sure to, as moms have told us for years, “bundle up!”  Hats, earmuffs, and scarfs can be both beautiful and functional.

Additionally, one way to keep your circulation going strong is to mix a few drops of doTERRA black pepper essential oil with doTERRA fractionated coconut oil to create a warming, soothing massage oil for fingers and feet.  (Then add a drop into your favorite soup or stew to enhance food flavor and aid digestion!)  When I’m especially cold after being out in the elements, I will put a drop of black pepper oil in my hot chocolate – spicy and warm and oh-so-soothing!

Whether you are outside for work, chores or play, always be mindful of proper care and coverage of your skin!  What’s your favorite way to spend outdoor time this winter???