How much does adead battery cost-Resolve.  Plans.  Intention.  Determination.  You can have all of these things, but something totally unexpected can blindside you at any moment as fast as a lightning strike!

I bounded out of my home early Monday morning, determined to start the year off right, fresh resolutions energizing my every step.  Smile on my face, positive affirmations on my lips.  I was plenty early for my appointment, prepared and enthusiastic to conquer this day!  Car keys in hand, I was feeling great!


I realized the night before I had left my car door EVER SO SLIGHTLY AJAR.  It’s okay, it’s my day.  It will start.  No problem.  Um… problem.  That battery was as dead as the summer herbs in my garden on this cold and frosty morning.  Now what?!?!?!  I immediately called AAA (if you don’t have AAA, get it – NOW!  One call pays for itself).  They were out in 20 minutes, with a new battery, and that knight in shining armor had my car ready to hit the road in just a few minutes.  Hallelujah!  I had called ahead to let my appointment know I was going to be late and why, but I wound up getting there about ten minutes past the original engagement time.

Again I ask, now what?!?!?!  I could have fussed and fumed and thrown myself a pity party.  I could have let this relatively momentary problem cloud my whole day.


I chose to count my blessings.  My car had died in my driveway – I was safe and warm in my home.  I had a AAA membership.  I had the money for a new battery.  Okay, there had been another non-essential item I wanted to purchase this month, but the funds had a necessary allocation readjustment.  No biggie.  I have a car… with gas… and my clothed, fed self in the driver’s seat, healthy and able to work.  While my well-planned morning was briefly thwarted, I was able to come up with resolutions (pun intended) to work around the obstacles and make it happen.  Such is life.  Oh yes, and I will certainly be more mindful and intentional about closing my car door from now on.  I have started off this year with a brand new battery!  I am choosing to focus on the positive, to see the blessings, to give God thanks and have an attitude of gratitude so that I can choose (did I mention CHOOSE) to see and be a blessing instead of grumping and grousing and victimizing myself into a lousy day, week, month, year.  And on top of everything else, it was a great topic for a blog!  Woo hoo!!!


Know that as you make your plans and goals this year, there will be people and things and happenstances that will get in your way, work your last nerve and do everything to detract, disrupt, deter, disturb, disorder, dislocate and derail you.  Build those factors and possibilities into your plans.  Create alternative actions.  Plan for the big D’s!  Know your potential obstacles in order to DEFEAT them!  Cover it all with a great attitude, then go out and slay your day!

How’s your battery running?