mother-teresa-quoteI’m sure most of you have heard of performing RAKs — Random Acts of Kindness. For example, you pull into the drive-through of your favorite coffee shop, and pay for the order of the person behind you. Today I’m challenging you to do something that will cost you nothing, but can have priceless results. I want you to make a list of 12 people, one dozen human beings, that you can bless with a kind word in the remaining days of this 21-day challenge. So for every day between now and July 4th, you will reach out in some way to speak a kind word to the person on your list. It can be family, friends, or just someone you may come in contact with — that wait staff person at the restaurant you frequent, the checkout clerk at the grocery store… prayerfully consider those whom you could touch with your words. It may be the only kindness that person may receive – you don’t know. You just don’t know how powerfully God can use your kindness. Make someone’s day today… and beyond. May the beautiful sound of your words echo into their souls endlessly.