nailsOkay this post is for all my “boomer babes”!  I grew up in a generation of nail polish shades that primarily ranged from shimmery white to bold and daring blood red, with a sea of choices in between ranging from nudes, blushes, peaches, corals to bubble gum pink. A few wild friends used to add food coloring to white to come up with some psychedelic shades!  Yes, the struggle was real!

Today while perusing the rainbows of colors in my local drugstore, I saw this shade of luminous turquoise that screamed spring/summer to me. It’s called “Smoke & Mirrors“.  Okay confession time – who has ever made a nail polish purchase simply because of a delicious name???  But I digress… Here is my old school vs. new school dilemma – if you are 40+, do you ever hesitate to go with the plethora of kaleidoscopic choices offered these days in all the nail polish collections?  Having been “schooled” in the era of conservative pale pinks and French manicures (though I love love love all the glorious choices), I sometimes wonder if I’m too mature/seasoned to go for “Naughty Navy” or “Waitress Red” or something wild and crazy like “Neon Yellow Surf Sunrise Over Malibu”!!!

Now mind you, my 80-years-young fabulous Mom says, “Honey, there is no age on color”, and says this color reminds her of a summer seascape. (gotta love this woman.). And 89-year-old Miss Jean at church always matches her outfits with sparkly blues, passionate purples and whatever suits her fancy that given day – fabulous!

But I would like feedback, please!!! Comment below and register your voice on the topic of  the “age politics of color.” Whattaya say gals? Are you in?!?!? Show your colors!!!!