IMG_0647If  you’ve been following me you know that I’m all about fitting in fitness!  My mantra is #nuture900, because 900 seconds is 15 minutes, and that’s all it takes a day to feel better.  Seriously, pretty much every woman I know can find 15 minutes a day.

So what was my #nuture900 today?  I went with DaHubs to a local park and did a little speed walking.  Now, okay, I did 20 minutes, so I nurtured a bit more – what can I say!  🙂  But in a scant 20 minutes and 39 seconds, I did 1.15 miles (and you can see I didn’t go crazy, because I am obviously not a runner) and burned 78 calories.  It’s not an Olympic record, but that’s okay!  I did it!  Whooo-ha!!  That’s better than sleeping in or doing nothing, right?  And please don’t judge the photo – I was a sweaty mess and even MY hairspray didn’t keep me 1980’s poofy!  I like to think the sweat is my fat melting off my body.

The point is, during the course of your busy Memorial Day Weekend, be sure to take time to work out, even if you only squeeze in 15-20 minutes today.  That could include gardening, cleaning, playing picnic games like volleyball, swimming, or running after your kids!  Just get up and move for 15 — you can do it.  I know that you have it in you!!

Finally, on this Memorial Day, I’d like to thank our troops who serve and those who made the ultimate sacrifice.  God bless our troops, and God bless America!