teethYesterday I went for my regular dental health appointment with my dentist, Dr. Marshall Alter, and my dental hygienist, Cathy Siebel.  Cathy has hammered home to me in the last several years the importance of flossing daily.  Yes, I know, such a sexy topic!  But let’s face it; what isn’t sexy is bad breath, tooth decay, and heart disease.

What, what?  Heart disease?  Yep! Flossing breaks up plaque bacteria on your teeth, which left untreated can cause gum infection, and gum disease — and that bacteria can get into your teeth and bones and create systemic problems.  Additionally people with diabetes are more likely to develop gum disease and loose teeth – infections from gum disease may cause blood sugar to rise and make diabetes harder to control.  Cathy explained that it’s a lot like having a splinter in your finger.  A little uncomfortable at first but, untreated, becomes unbelievably painful, infected and can eventually spread that toxicity to your whole body.  You can’t really be healthy until the splinter is removed.

Did you know that it only takes plaque 24 hours to harden?  That’s why you need to brush daily (at a minimum) – best to do it in the morning and before bed (and I try to brush after lunch as well).  Brushing your teeth after dinner is a great dieting tip as well – when your teeth are freshly “scrubbed”, you are less likely to snack!  There you go!  You’re welcome!

That’s why you need to take care of your teeth, starting with daily brushing and flossing!  No excuses – you can get a toothbrush, floss and toothpaste at your local dollar store and it takes only a few minutes a day.  Oh yes, and if you don’t have a toothbrush with you, eat an apple – nature’s toothbrush!  You can also chew on some celery, eat some parsley or mint for fresh breath, and rinse with water.

I know many people are uncomfortable going to the dentist (like I was for many years), so if you are in the area, let me take this opportunity to recommend my dentist and his staff at Alter Family Dentistry in Bordentown, NJ (231 Crosswicks Road, Suite 13)!  You always feel like a family member, they are professionals who are warm, cheerful and caring, and it’s an altogether comfortable and safe experience.  I get no affiliate/sales compensation for this!  I just love my dentist and all the wonderful folks there!  Trust me, I was NOT a fan of going to the dentist, but now it’s a pleasant experience.  You can find them at http://www.marshalljalterdmd.com.

So grab that floss, use it daily, and show off your healthiest, most beautiful smile!!! Now THAT’S SEXY!