image1     Today is the first day of Spring, a season of awakenings and new beginnings. It’s also the first day of the week. What a fantastic opportunity to take inventory of 2016 thus far, readjust and start again with a fresh, clean slate!

     Take a gentle, non-judgmental look at your New Years’ resolutions. What have you achieved so far? What fell through the cracks? What did you discover weren’t really important after all? What were your obstacles? What new ones have come up since?  And most importantly, WHY? Why do you want these to manifest in your life?
     Breathe. Relax. Readjust. Recommit. Take time to meditate on these questions, then start a Spring Action Plan. As long as you are breathing, it’s never to late to start again. Let this be your time!
     And should you need some help clarifying your purpose, vision and goals, I’m here to walk alongside you. Never more than an email or phone call away! Let me coach you through a Spring Action Plan personalized just for you!!!
     Have a fantastic day, be blessed, and be a blessing!