IMG_2107Well, it’s been a week, how are you doing on your words workout challenge?  I’d love to hear how it is going — be sure to post comments to share/encourage others with your journey!  What has been your most difficult challenge so far?  What have you discovered about your speech?  Your attitude?  How is your self-talk being impacted, as well the impact to those around you — has anyone made any comments or noticed a difference in you?

I’m calling today “quiet Tuesday”, because the idea behind today’s encouraging tool is to speak as little as is necessary.  Not a vow of silence, mind you (although fasting from words can be a wonderful discipline), but I would like you to restrain from chattering on and using unnecessary words.  As today’s image/proverb indicates, prudence is a practice that we would do well to incorporate as we go throughout our day.  Just as you carefully select a special outfit, from lingerie to jewelry and shoes, today dress your words with elegance, simplicity and care.  Listen carefully and quietly, then take a moment before responding. Let discretion and prudence be your travelling partners on the journey today, and share your results below!

Blessings for a beautiful day!