This coming Saturday is July 1st – yes, already!  

And I’m sure you are filling up your calendar with activities, vacation plans, and all sorts of good things.  But are these things going to fill you up?

I have shared with many of my clients my history of an eating disorder — the years I spent trying to fill myself up with food, only to find no matter what I did, it was never enough.  No matter how thin I became, it was never enough.  No matter how perfect I tried to be, it was never enough.  It was only after counseling, therapy, behavioral changes and lots of prayer that I was able to overcome this addiction and learn to become fit in a healthy manner.  In fact, that’s one of the reasons I became a life, health and wellness coach for women – to help other women become the best they can be with optimal health – in the right ways.

That’s why I am encouraging you to add this book, “FULL“, to your summer reading list – it’s one I am currently reading myself, and it is soooooo resonating with my heart, history and spirit.  If you have ever struggled with any type of food obsession, or know someone who does, you need to read “FULL“.  It goes beyond the food to the issues within, the WHYs behind the thoughts, feelings and action.  As both a life/health/wellness coach and as a woman who eats (because you never can run away from the food), I am finding even further peace and healing from the author’s words – it is truly a blessing, and I want to pass this blessing along to you.  CLICK HERE to order FULL or to add it to your wish list (or gift list for a friend).

Are you ready to be satisfied?