IMG_1711It’s another Sunday night, you realize you’ve blinked and the weekend is almost over as Monday looms like the haze over LA.  You’re battling a case of the Sunday night blues.  What’s a gal to do?

Here’s five ways I’ve found to help you ease your way back into the reality of this upcoming week.

(1)  Grab your calendar and look at your schedule for the upcoming week. Instead of immediately feeling overwhelmed, take a few moments to breathe and see if all the appointments are truly necessary.  Is there anything you could eliminate, delegate?  Can you share responsibility with someone else (like you and a friend sharing carpooling the kids around one day)?  As you look over everything, schedule in some important time for yourself (for self-care tips in 15 minutes or less, see my previous blog on #nuture900.  Block off 5-10 minutes before and after each appointment to create some margin.

(2)  Make your meals now. Spend some time tonight setting everything out for tomorrow’s breakfast.  Pack the lunches and snacks.  Prep as much as possible for the next few days (like cutting up veggies for easy, grab-and-go snacks). 

(3)  Do the same planning with your wardrobe. Lay out everything you are going to wear tomorrow from lingerie to shoes to jewelry.  You will practically be able to jump into it and save oodles of precious minutes. 

(4)  Take everything you need to bring with you tomorrow and put it in one place where you can easily take hold of it as you walk out the door.

(5)  Finally, ease into the rest of your evening and be in it instead of surfing over it on a wave of anxiety. Unless you must have your shower in the morning to wake you up, do it tonight.  Or take a 20-minute relaxing bath.  Do a few gentle stretches to relax your muscles.  Shut off all your screen items an hour before bed to maximize your sleep hygiene.  Try to get to bed 30 minutes earlier.  If your thoughts are racing, leave a notepad by the bed, do a quick brain dump, and then let them go knowing you have them written down so you won’t forget anything.  Think of your blessings and write them down in a gratitude journal, and say your evening prayers as you breathe deeply, slowly in your cool, darkened bedroom.

Now wind down, get some sleep, and feel ready to conquer your new week with confidence and joy!